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The Most Popular Mobility Scooters by Sales Volume for 2021

We get asked many times by our customers about the best mobility scooters. To help answer these questions, we have provided a list of categories and popular brands and models of mobility scooters that are best sellers for 2021.

Folding Mobility Scooters - Enhanced Mobility Transformer

Transformer is an automatic folding scooter that is made by a reputable manufacturer, Enhanced Mobility. This is a great option for any customer who wants a reliable, budget-friendly folding mobility scooter for travel. It weighs only 57lbs. 

Travel Mobility Scooters - EWheels EW-M35

M35 mobility scooter from EWheels Medical. This feature-packed scooter is another one of the best sellers. The EW-M35 is the lightest 4-Wheel travel scooter on the market today. It weighs only 88 pounds and 68 pounds without the battery. It supports a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The heaviest piece is 28 lbs. 

Full-Size Mobility Scooters - Shoprider Echo

It weighs in at just 64 lbs. has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. and can store easily in small spaces.  The Echo Folding comes standard with solid tires, an electric brake system, and a curved tiller for added comfort.  Shoprider Echo Folding is also one of the most affordable four-wheel folding mobility scooters on the market and comes with full features. Compared to other similar brands with the same features, the Echo Folding has a lot of value. 

Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters - EWheels EW-54

The EW-54 four-wheel scooter by EWheels comes with a full top cover and a windshield. It offers plenty of storage space, a long 45-mile driving range, fast speeds of up to 15 mph, a digital dashboard, and a foot brake just like in a golf cart for heavy duty use. It also comes with a USB port, music system, and 2 stereo speakers. The heavy duty EW-54 scooter will have you covered no matter the condition, rain or shine. 

Recreational Mobility Scooters - EWheels EW-36

The EW-36 from EWheels has a comfortable captain's seat and packed with other comfort features that makes this one of the best selling recreational scooters for 2021. 

The sporty and stylish EW-36 mobility scooter is ideal for the outdoors. Its high-end features and safety options designed for travel to your next destination is a great option for recreational use

The EW-36 has a 350-pound weight capacity and is suitable for a variety of riders. It is also equipped with an alarm system! 

Which one should you buy?

if you are shopping for a mobility scooter this year, we first recommend to determine your budget, if you would be using it for travel and what features and options you want. There are several options on the market right now for all types of budgets and lifestyle needs. Checkout each category of mobility scooters for best sellers and browse collections of popular models for 2021. 

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