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CC RetractaBed Low Retractable Bed by Med-Mizer
CC RetractaBed Low Retractable Bed by Med-Mizer
CC RetractaBed Low Retractable Bed by Med-Mizer
CC RetractaBed Low Retractable Bed by Med-Mizer

CC RetractaBed Low Retractable Bed by Med-Mizer

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The CC RetractaBed by Med-Mizer is the safest, most ergonomically designed low bed on the market. The low retractable bed frame and innovative auto-contour positioning reduce dangers to the user and provide them with comfort and convenience. Unlike competitors' beds that incline but don't retract, the RetractaBed actually moves towards the wall when it raises, allowing easy reach of the telephone, drinks, glasses, remote controls, and other items on a bedside table. This feature prevents the risk of injury from trying to stretch back and reach these items. This allows the user to be more independent by reducing reliance on unsafe reaching maneuvers or caregiver assistance to retrieve items.

Additionally, the RetractaBed features an auto-contour positioning to prevent the user from sliding towards the footboard. This bed can be used flat or contoured and is adjustable in both height and width with no requirement for tools to adjust, allowing you to get the perfect fit every single time. It moves up and down via an electrical motor, allowing the bed to transition effortlessly from one position to the next. When it is retracted, the head section is elevated, and the foot section frees up an additional 13" of floor space. Thus the user is able to sit up while remaining comfortably supported by the bed, allowing them a convenient position to eat, watch television, or interact with others. The retracted position allows for better ease of access to the room for visitors or cleaning. The upright position also improves the productivity of the user by allowing them to be both upright and supported and therefore improves mood as well.

The RetractaBed comes standard with soft, non-marking bumpers to prevent damage to the adjacent wall. Additionally, it can be conveniently vertically transported for ease of storage, transport, and furniture re-arrangement. Each bed is created with hardened steel bushings to extend its durability. It is further protected by a lifetime warranty on all welds, a 15-year limited warranty on the bed frame, a 5 year warranty on the drive system, and a 1 year warranty on wood products and casters.

This bed is available with several different mattress options. The Basic Mattress is a multi-layered mattress designed for pressure distribution with a die-cut top layer that includes high-density foam in the head and torso section. It also includes a multi-layered heel section with ultra soft, breathable open cell foam to provide superior heel support and better distribute pressure. A firm foam perimeter facilitates better patient transfers and supports seating on the edge of the bed. The stretchable cover provides a low shear friction surface while also featuring moisture resistance and anti-microbial technology. A 270-degree coverlet with zipper enables easier placement, while the included fire sleeve meets Federal Fire Code 16 CFR part 1633. This mattress has a 350 lb weight capacity, and it is available in only one size (80" L x 36" W x 6" H). It is protected by a 5-year warranty on the mattress and a 2-year warranty on the cover through the manufacturer.

The Deluxe Mattress includes all the same qualities and features with the addition of a sloped heel section with high-density foam rather than the soft foam heel section provided in the basic package. The warranty also increases to 7 years for this mattress and 2 years for the cover. It is available in three sizes: Standard 80" L x 36" W x 6" H; Expanded Width 80" L x 42" W x 6" H; and Extended Length 84" L x 36" W x 6" H.

The Elite Mattress is a Visco elastic memory foam mattress infused with gel to provide the ultimate in breathable comfort with superior pressure distribution that feels like a dream. This mattress features enhanced heat dissipating material that aids in heat management and minimizes nocturnal perspiration to keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night. It includes a 30-degree heel slope section padded with high-density foam to offer heel support and increased pressure distribution. It includes the same firm foam perimeter, stretch cover, 270-degree coverlet with zipper, and fire sleeve as the other two mattress packages, but can accommodate a weight capacity of 450 lbs. It is covered through the manufacturer by an incredible 15-year warranty on the mattress and 2-year warranty on the cover. It comes in two sizes: Standard 80" L x 36" W x 6" H and Expanded Width 80" L x 42" W x 6" H.

The LAL Mattress is a low air loss, alternating pressure air mattress that features cell on cell design for maximum comfort and efficiency. It includes four therapy modes to select alternating times for increased versatility of use. The Auto-firm mode provides firm support for repositioning as well as seating on the edge of the bed, while the Static mode places the bed in a low air-loss mode and turns off alternating pressure for comfortable stability. Seat inflate increases airflow to add stability and protection for the patient when they are in a seated position. This mattress includes low-pressure alarms that are both audible and visible for maximum attention-grabbing power, and the lower section retains air even in the event of a power failure to reduce potential bottoming out. The bottom cover includes three non-skid rubber panels to reduce sliding and enhance frame compatibility. This mattress package also comes with a quilted coverlet and CPR release in case of an emergency. It has a 500-pound weight capacity and a 5-year warranty. It comes in two sizes: 80" L x 35" W x 7" H or 80" L x 42" W 7" H.

Made in the USA.

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