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AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed
AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed
AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed
AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed

AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed

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  • Deck height from 3.6” to 25” or optionally 7.35” to 23”
  • Bed width choices of 35”, 39” or 42” at no additional costs
  • Bed accommodates mattress lengths of 80” or 84”
  • Includes Advanced Positioning Capabilities (Cardiac Chair, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg)
  • Optional Integrated Scale

Key Specs

  • Bed Height:
    • 3.6" to 25"
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Weight: 275 lbs.
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Overview of the AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed


The AllCare C bed was developed in April 2020 as a simple bed in response to homecare needs during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

It is very similar to the full model All-Care bed. It does all the same positions as the All Care Bed except there are two main differences.

The two main differences are: 

  1. The head and footboard are smaller
  2. When assembled in the low position the highest height the frame will achieve is 19.4", instead of 24.75" on the regular bed.
ASSEMBLY POSITION AllCare Bed AllCare C Bed (this item)
"Low" Deck Height Range 3.625" to 24.75" 3.625" to 19.375"
"High" Deck Height Range 7.75" to 28.875" 7.375" to 23.125


The AllCareTM Floor Level Bed is the first bed that offers expandable width options along with extremely low deck height capability. This bed does it all - mitigate fall risk, provide easier custodial care, changes width as needed, support bariatric needs without changing beds and provide advanced positioning.
The deck height adjusts from 3.6” to 25”; that’s as low to the ground as the width of a cell phone, or raised up to sitting height for care and conversation.

For medical reasons, some people require advanced positioning. This bed allows for the following Advanced Positions:

  • Low Chair - allows user to sit in a modified chair type position inches from the ground (deck height is 3.6”, mattress height is normally another 6”.  Thus, seating someone (maybe who is a falls risk) at a low height can help reduce any impact from a fall, provides the benefit of a chair (head raised, knee raised) and keeps them safe
  • Cardiac Chair - a position (using Reverse Trendelenburg) to offer user a chair position while in bed (used for eating, comfortably watching tv, accessing overbed table, etc..). This positioning relieves pulmonary and/or respiratory stress on some patients.
  • Trendelenburg – laying flat with lower legs elevated. Helpful to reduce swelling of lower extremities.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg – laying flat with head elevated

What Makes This Different:

The AllCare Floor Level Bed allows the bed width to expand from 35” to 39” and all the way up to 42” with the simple touch of a button.  The super-low deck height of 3.6” helps prevent injury for someone who is at risk of falling out of bed. The optional bi-fold safety mat helps provide additional protection, or a larger area for those that require more room. An optional wireless fall notification sensor will provide notification as needed thru a pager, door light or call button. Frame articulation provides the capability of achieving Low Chair or Cardiac Chair positioning. The bed can also have a scale integrated into the bed which many find convenient for those with ambulatory challenges. This bed comes with 4 traditional head and footboard options, or you can upgrade to a modern Shaker Style head and footboard.

Why We Like It:

The AllCare Floor Level Bed’s expandable deck width & length, along with the extremely low deck height and advanced positioning capabilities make this one of the


Specifications for the AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed

Length: 80"
Weight Capacity: 600
Bed Width: 35"
Product Weight: 275
Bed Height: 3.6" to 25"
Trendelenburg: Trendelenburg Position
Reverse Trendelenburg Position
Adjustable Bed Length: 80" to 84"
Maximum Back Angle: 62 °
Adjustable Deck Height: Yes
Minimum Height: 3.60"
Maximum Height: 25.00"

Approximate Shipping Dimensions and Weights

Product Weight: 275 lbs.