Top 7 Best Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters are an ideal choice for consumers who like to travel and live an active lifestyle. These types of scooters are usually lightweight and will fit in the back of the trunk of a car or an SUV, and are designed for easy storage. 

Shopping and choosing the best folding mobility scooter can be a daunting task and time-consuming. We have created this review guide for shoppers that want to research and learn more about folding mobility scooters to make an informed decision before making a purchase. 

Which one should you buy? Check out our reviews below as we break down the best folding mobility scooter models on the market right now.

We encourage you to read through our review of the top 7 best folding mobility scooters and contact our friendly staff if you have any questions. 

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1. EWheels EW-07 EFORCE1

Features and Specs

  • It is the fastest folding mobility scooter from our review with top speeds of 12 mph
  • Has three-speed settings (3 mph, 5mph, 12mph)
  • Folds in 4 easy steps
  • Lightweight and portable weighing 53 lbs
  • Weight capacity of 325 lbs
  • Long 17-mile driving range
  • Easy to fold. No tools required
  • Cruise control option not found on other models
  • FAA approved for safe air travel 
  • Front and rear disc brakes 
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
67 lbs 325 lbs 43" 12 mph 17 miles


  • The fastest folding mobility scooter from our reviewed list
  • Can reach top speeds of 12 mph
  • 325 lbs weight capacity


  • Weighs 67 lbs and is heavier than other models
  • Does not disassemble and can not be taken apart

EW-07 EFORCE1 is ideal for people who have difficulty walking long distances or have a hard time getting around. It's powerful, feature-packed, and one of our favorites from this review list. EW-07 has everything you will need from a portable folding mobility scooter.

Features like a large padded seat with a backrest, 3-wheel suspension for a smooth ride, cruise control, 3-speed settings, a forward/reverse switch along with front and rear disc brakes that make stopping easier on wet surfaces and declines making the EW-07 the best choice for a folding mobility scooter.

It is also competitively priced to other models with fewer features and is equipped with everything needed to make the EW-07 the best folding mobility scooter from our review. 

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2. Shoprider Echo Folding

Features and Specs

  • Folding/unfolding time: 10 seconds
  • Scooter Folded: 19” x 17.5” x 29” (LxWxH)
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Total weight is 59 lbs
  • Adjustable tiller angle
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
59 lbs 200 lbs 36" 3.75 mph 8.7-10 miles


  • Very affordable compared to other models
  • Folds easily, and great for transport 
  • Lightweight, and weighs 59 lbs. with the battery
  • Easy to operate and learn how to use


  • Limited legroom for taller people
  • It has a weight capacity of only 200 lbs.
  • Has a short driving range of only 8-10 miles

Shoprider Echo Folding mobility scooter is affordable and an ideal solution for those with active lifestyles. It folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. It has a total weight of just 59 lbs. and can be easily stored in small spaces. You may want to consider other models if you are looking for scooters with more weight capacity and better features and options. 

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3. EWheels EW-REMO

Features and Specs

  • Remote control for automatic folding and unfolding
  • Includes front & rear LED electric lights with rear brake lights
  • Digital lock to set a password to lock the scooter
  • Weighs 65 lbs with the battery 
  • Touch screen electronic control panel
  • Electric horn
  • Speed deceleration/acceleration controls
  • Adjustable armrests 
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
65 lbs 300 lbs 44.1" 5 mph 13 miles


  • Folds in 10 seconds with the touch of a button with a remote key
  • Comes with a backlit digital display and bright, stylish LED lighting
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Passcode protected for safety and theft
  • Adjustable armrests
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 13-mile drive range 
  • 5 mph top speed


  • More expensive than other folding scooters
  • Weighing 65 lbs., maybe too heavy for some consumers to lift

EWheels REMO Auto-Flex Automatic Folding Scooter is a great choice. It easily folds in 10 seconds with the touch of a button. The wireless remote does all of the hard work for you! If you are looking for a high-end folding travel scooter, power-packed with features, EWheels REMO is highly recommended. 

4. EV Rider Transport AF+ 

Features and Specs

  • Automatic folding & unfolding with one-touch remote control
  • Dual front tires for added stability
  • Lithium batteries are approved for airline travel
  • Weighs only 44 lbs
  • FDA Certified
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
44 lbs 250 lbs 43" 3.8 mph 10 miles


  • Competitively priced
  • Lightweight compared to other folding models
  • Ideal for travel with FAA approved battery 
  • FDA cleared mobility device


  • Has a maximum speed of only 3.8 mph
  • Driving range is between 7-10 miles, which is low compared to other models 

EV Rider Transport AF Automatic Folding+ Scooter does all the work for you by folding itself up in seconds. The scooter uses an 8.7 Ah lithium battery and is approved for airline travel.

The automatic folding and unfolding feature can be activated by pressing a button on the key fob or on the back of the scooter itself. The dual hand two-way throttle control is comfortable and easy to operate.

The EV Rider Transport AF+ is a reasonably priced folding mobility scooter compared to other similar models and is packed with safety features ideal for consumers on the go with active lifestyles. 

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5. ATTO Moving Life 

Features and Specs

  • Provides an innovative and high-tech design not seen on any other folding mobility scooter
  • Easily folds to the size of a small suitcase
  • Can be pulled behind you like a piece of luggage
  • Easy to control and comes with a USB charging port
  • Driving range of 12.5 miles
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 unattended minutes
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
66.3 lbs 265 lbs 53" 4 mph 12.5 miles


  • Folds down to the size of a small carry-on suitcase
  • Only 12 seconds to fold and unfold 
  • Great selection of accessories
  • FDA approved 
  • Can be stored in the overhead compartment on airplanes 
  • Has extra space under the seat for carrying small bags or items
  • Great battery life
  • It can be broken down into two parts, one weighing about 35.7 lbs lbs. and the other 26.4 lbs 
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use from the box


  • Most expensive compared to the other models
  • Weighing 66.3 lbs with the battery, it may be too heavy for some users 
  • Supports weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • May take some time to learn how to use it 
  • Maximum driving speed of 4 mph which is slower than other models

ATTO Moving Life is one of the best folding mobility scooters for traveling on the market today. It is designed for active people who travel frequently and who are unable to walk long distances. It is heavy and the most expensive model reviewed from this list. 

There are many accessories a user can add to their ATTO, including the Flight Kit protective cover, flight battery to overcome strict airline regulations, padded seat cushion for extra comfort, and foldable armrests that already come standard on many models. 

The bottom line is if you are a frequent traveler, have a carer or someone to help with the scooter to fold, unfold, and lift the two parts, you will love the ATTO. 

6. EV Rider TeQno 

EV Rider TeQno Auto Folding Mobility Scooter Laser Lights – Best ...

Features and Specs

  • Automatic folding and unfolding
  • Revolutionary laser light technology not found on other models
  • Suitable for uneven and rough terrain
  • Airline-approved with non-spillable battery 
  • Comes with a key fob and smart key 
  • Has an advanced digital screen with temperature, speed and clock
  • Removable Seat Front and Back LED Lights
  • Driving range of up to 15 miles 
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
73 lbs 250 lbs 55" 6 mph 15 miles


  • It folds and unfolds with just one click of a button
  • Laser guide beams for extra safety 
  • Long driving range compared to other models
  • Has a wide wheelbase for added stability


  • Total weight is 73 lbs which may be too heavy for many users
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • It is expensive but makes up for the price with all of the features and options this scooter offers

EV Rider TeQno folds and unfolds with just one click of a button. No more heavy lifting and breaking apart parts. It is featured packed with many options and features.

It comes with the latest laser technology for safety with fitted laser beams and guiding lights that enable the user to manoeuver through ramps and tight spaces, which is not found on any other scooter.

EV Rider TeQno is heavy weighing 73 lbs with the battery and can only support a load capacity of 250 lbs. 

If the price is not an issue and you are looking for the easiest way to fold and unfold a mobility scooter, EV Rider TeQno is your best option. You can also impress your friends with laser guide light technology for extra vision and safety.

7. Merits Health Yoga 


Features and Specs

  • Strong lightweight alloy aluminum frame for easy folding and carrying
  • Adjustable height and angle tiller. Armrests included
  • Patented twin-front-wheels with spring suspension system offers excellent stability during sharp turning
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range
56.7 lbs 250 lbs 37.8" 4 mph 11.25 miles


  • Folds Like A Suitcase And Can Be Rolled 
  • Designed for easy transport and storage
  • FAA Airplane Compliant
  • Height and adjustable angle tiller
  • Twin-front-wheels with suspension for increased stability
  • Turning radius of 37.8"
  • The additional carrying case can be purchased separately 


  • The overall width is just 17 inches and maybe too small for heavier users
  • Designed for an average build user
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Top speed is 4 mph


Merits Yoga folding mobility scooter folds into a suitcase style shape with an adjustable handle, making it easy to pull around and great for travel. It is very compact, lightweight, and perfect for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle. It is expensive compared to other models with more features and better specs. 

What to Consider When Buying Folding Mobility Scooters

Before buying a folding mobility scooter, there are several factors you need to consider to make an educated purchasing decision. You can find specifications, pros and cons, and features for each of the products we have reviewed above.

For folding mobility scooters, we recommend paying attention to these specifications:

  • Folding capabilities
  • Price
  • Overall Weight 
  • Weight Capacity
  • Seat Width 
  • Armrest Options 
  • Travel Range 
  • Top Speed 
  • Total Length, Width & Height 

Average Cost for a Mobility Scooter

The average cost of a folding mobility scooter is between $1,099 to $3,900. 

The price depends on:

  • Features
  • Size
  • Model type
  • Weight capacity
  • Materials used for the frame and components

The more features, technology, folding options, and the materials used to develop a folding mobility scooter, the more money it will cost. 

Learn more about the

Service and Repairs

Some of the most common repair items on folding mobility scooters are batteries, tires, armrests, motor, and joysticks/controllers. Mobility scooters are used regularly and eventually will require maintenance and repair service. Make sure you keep your scooter maintained and serviced regularly.

Folding mobility scooters are designed to be long-lasting and durable, but there comes a time when maintenance, repairs, and replacement is needed.  

Does Insurance or Medicare Cover it?

Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies usually do not cover folding or lightweight mobility scooters. If you decide to go through Medicaid, Medicare, or your insurance company, it takes several months to get your paperwork to get approved.

Each insurance provider is different, and we recommend that you call your insurance provider directly to get the most accurate information regarding your policy. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.


Warranties from the folding mobility scooter manufacturers are usually between 1 to 3 years. Warranty on the frame components is usually 3 years, including platform, seat post, and frame. One year on the electronic components and six months on the batteries.

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How We Ranked the Top 7 Best Folding Mobility Scooters

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We ranked the above folding mobility scooters based on their folding options, features, specifications, consumer reviews and feedback.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best product and be confident in your decision.

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