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How to Protect Your Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter During the Summer

Summer is an exciting and active season that presents different weather patterns. The clear sky and bright sun can quickly turn into a storm. Individuals who use mobility scooters and power wheelchairs often face unexpected weather changes that can harm their equipment. The plastic can melt due to extreme heat, and the electrical components can get damaged due to rain. To safeguard your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter from the elements this summer, follow the tips provided below.

  • Use an Umbrella – An umbrella is an obvious accessory that many users already carry with them for convenience. To avoid getting soaked from the rain, it's best to get an extra large umbrella that covers the sides and back of your device. This way, the rain won't seep through and harm the electrical parts of your wheelchair.
  • Stay in the Shade – Power chairs and mobility scooters are built with metal and other surfaces that become extremely hot. When you are outdoors, try to stay in the shade to avoid scorching temperatures and avoid direct sunlight to your device's battery. 
  • Canopy – Protect yourself as well as your mobility device with a canopy. If your scooter or power chair has the compatibility to install a canopy, it's an excellent choice if you need shade while outdoors. 
  • Use a Cover – When your equipment is not in use, try to cover it with a cover or a tarp. You can also store it indoors in a dry cool place to avoid any debris or damage.
  • Charge the Battery – The summer heat can also cause wheelchair batteries to drain faster than usual. Regularly charge your wheelchair battery and carry extras if possible.
  • Clean the Equipment – As a power chair or mobility scooter user, it's easy to get caught up in the summer fun and forget about cleaning your device. However, it's important to clean your wheelchair or scooter at least once a week and after your outdoor adventures that leave it dirty.
  • Maintenance – It is common to ignore warning signs of maintenance or repairs when it comes to your medical equipment or mobility device. Contact a reliable mobility equipment repair company if you see any damage to your equipment, such as problems with the tires, seat, joystick, batteries, seating, leg rests, armrests, or motor.
  • Plan Ahead – During the summer months, it's a good idea to check your local weather when making plans. Avoiding any exposure to rain and thunderstorms as much as possible to keep your device protected. If you're planning a weekend trip with your friends or loved ones, consider scheduling it on a day with the lowest chance of rain.

Preparation is essential when trying to protect your mobility scooter or power chair from the summer weather to avoid any damage. Investing in an oversized umbrella, canopy or a cover. Stay safe and enjoy your summer by keeping your equipment from breaking down with these helpful tips above.