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What's the best folding mobility scooter for up to 360 lbs?

If you are in the market for a lightweight folding mobility scooter for up to 360 lbs, there are several models to choose from. Which one is the best for you? 

Our product specialists have researched the top-selling models to bring you the best folding mobility scooter for up to 360 lbs. After analyzing eight popular higher-weight capacity models, we have determined that the Freerider Luggie Super Plus 4 is the best option for those weighing up to 360 lbs. 

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Our evaluation considered factors such as total load capacity, driving range, cost, and safety features. Read below to find out why we chose this model. Learn more about the features, pros & cons, specs, price, and if you should buy it.

Luggie Super Plus 4 Folding Mobility Scooter from Freerider, has a weight capacity of up to 360 lbs and weighs 70 lbs without the battery. 

This heavy-duty-folding mobility scooter also features a 17" inch seat, coil suspension and the smallest turning radius of 37". The Luggie Super Plus 4 offers one of the largest carrying weight capacities of any lightweight folding travel scooter on the market today.


  • The only lightweight folding heavy-weight capacity mobility scooter
  • Coil Suspension
  • Max speed is five mph
  • Reliable and well-built
  • Wide 17" seat
  • Rear 8" tires
  • Airline Approved battery
  • Charging time is only 90 minutes


  • Expensive but has a lot of features not found on similar models

Luggie Super Plus 4 has evolved into a modern luxury mobility scooter with heavy-duty weight capacity, advanced turning radius, and easy folding options to accommodate you for any adventure. 

It is also airline-safe for travel with a lithium-ion longer-range battery.

With a strong, durable frame, Luggie Super Plus 4 can handle rough terrains such as cobblestones and going over grass and gravel while offering safety and portability. 

Regain your mobility and independence with this heavy-duty foldable scooter! Luggie Super Plus 4 will allow you to move effortlessly in and out of tight spaces like shopping stores, restaurants, airports, and busy city streets. Imagine the places you can visit and explore! 

This lightweight foldable travel mobility scooter has one of the highest carrying weight capacities among similar products available today.


The Freerider Luggie Super Plus 4 is perfect for users who weigh up to 360 lbs and lead an active lifestyle but find it challenging to walk long distances. 


If you are looking for a reliable heavy-duty folding mobility scooter with a higher weight capacity than the standard traditional mobility scooters, Freerider Luggie Super Plus 4 is the one to consider. We also like the patented Smart Turn and Omni Suspension featured on the Luggie Super Plus 4, which is built to give you a safe and comfortable riding experience. Smart Turn helps to control your speed while you make a turn and Omni Suspension absorbs vibrations from all directions to give you the most stability in a scooter you could ask for.  

Consumers who are shopping for a higher load capacity folding mobility scooter often favor this top-rated model, which is also a best-seller.