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What is the fastest 4 wheel mobility scooter?

Are you wondering what is the fastest 4-wheel mobility scooter? The fastest four-wheel mobility scooter is EWheels EW-72.

At full power, the EW-72 can reach up to 15 mph, making it one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market!

The average price for EWheels EW-72 is $3,699.

Four miles per hour is considered the average speed for a mobility scooter.  A top speed of 10 mph or higher is categorized as "Fast" for a mobility scooter. Fast mobility scooters that are safe for use by adults, seniors and individuals with disabilities will have a max speed limit between 10-15 miles per hour.  

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EW 72 is considered one of the fastest four-wheel recreational mobility scooters on the market today, with top speeds reaching 15 mph. The speed will vary based on the terrain, rider's weight, battery charge, and tire conditions.

The EW-72 also offers an impressive 43 miles driving range with a 500 lbs weight capacity.



Before buying a fast four-wheel mobility scooter, there are several factors you need to consider to make an educated purchasing decision.

We recommend paying attention to these specifications:

  • Top speed 
  • Overall size and weight 
  • Folding capabilities
  • Weight capacity
  • Seat width 
  • Armrest options 
  • Travel range 
  • Total length, width and height 

When selecting a fast 4-wheel mobility scooter, it's important to factor in your maximum speed limit, budget, preferred options, the road conditions where you'll be riding and your lifestyle needs. These considerations will help you make the best choice.