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Tesla will add a power lift for wheelchair users

According to the latest tweet from Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer will be installing a power trunk for free for wheelchair users who own Model 3 cars.

A Tesla Model 3 reservation holder who is a wheelchair user from a spinal injury, has sent feedback to make Tesla’s vehicles more wheelchair friendly. His request was to have a power liftgate for the Model 3’s trunk.

“I also expect someone to leave a message to Musk and suggest to install power liftgate for front and back trunk. I am always unable to close the trunk by myself because of my disability. Or, maybe release an open protocol to grant thrid party installation on the power liftgate with the restriction that does not affect warranty.”

Elon Musk has responded to the user's request on Twitter that Tesla would install a power liftgate for free. Model 3 is not offered with a powered trunk opening.

The customer who placed a reservation for the electric sedan since April 2016, has been in an accident, resulting in a spinal injury. After his accident, the Model 3 customer lost his ability to use his legs and was confined to a wheelchair. With owning his dream car fading away, he decided to cancel his Model 3 order until recently with requests and features that will make wheelchair users operate the vehicles freely and safer than before.