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Should you go shopping on a Black Friday in a wheelchair?

Doorbuster Balck Friday sales are tempting to resist. Should you go out shopping on a Black Friday in your wheelchair?

We do not recommend going out shopping on a Black Friday if you are using a wheelchair. Waiting on long lines in large crowds and being injured in the process is not worth saving a few hundred dollars on a new TV, in our opinion.

Black Friday Wheelchair Sale.

As a wheelchair user, it's probably best to avoid crowds to prevent any type of injuries or falls. Able bodies will probably give you the right of way and help you shop during the Black Friday frenzy; however, it is more likely that your wheelchair will be pushed around and may cause a possible accident. 

Preventing Accidents

Here are some of the safety tips to avoid accidents if you decide to take a chance and go shopping on a Black Friday in your wheelchair.

Tipping and falling is the most common accidents wheelchair users encounter during the Black Friday shopping. To avoid tipping over and falling, the tipping lever should be secure when needed. 

Fall Prevention

  • Avoid leaning forward and tipping yourself out of the wheelchair
  • Lock the brakes before getting out of the wheelchair
  • Do not overreach for an object, ask for help
  • Avoid sliding or positioning yourself too far forward on the seat

Maintenance and Servicing

Make sure your wheelchair is in top condition before going out shopping. It's a good idea to provide maintenance and service of your wheelchair at least once a year to detect and fix any problems. 

Common parts that are replaced or serviced in a wheelchair include batteries, joysticks, armrests, safety seat belts, central processing unit controllers, and tires.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you read our Black Friday safety guide first to avoid injuries, prevent falls, and have a hassle-free shopping experience. Ask a family member, friend, or caregiver to assist you with shopping on Black Friday. Always use safety measures when using your wheelchair to shop on the busiest sales day of the year.