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Average Cost to Repair a Power Wheelchair

The average cost to repair a power wheelchair is $125. The price of the replacement parts are separate from the labor cost. Wheelchair repair prices may vary nationwide depending on the repair company, your location, the complexity of the repair and the time required to fix your power wheelchair.

Wheels (up to 4 tires) $150
Joystick  $175
Drive controls $180
Battery $90
Motor $200
Seat $100
Armrest $80
Leg rest $100


The most common parts repaired on a power wheelchair are wheels, joysticks, drive controls, batteries, and motor.

Power Wheelchair Repair Costs are Determined By:

  • the type wheelchair you have
  • the expertise of the service technician
  • price of the replacement parts
  • your geographic location
  • the amount of time needed to fix or replace the broken parts.

Costs to Consider

Here are some of the costs to consider when repairing a power wheelchair:

  • Price of parts – The cost of the parts can vary depending on the wheelchair model. Parts for an older wheelchair may be less expensive compared to the newer and more advanced wheelchair models. 
  • Labor cost – The labor costs are for the amount of work it takes a technician to repair your power wheelchair. In addition to the new replacement parts that may be needed to fix your wheelchair, repair companies also charge for the labor cost per hour for the repair. The nationwide average is between $125 to $200 an hour. 

Repairing or Buying a New Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs require routine service and maintenance to run safely.  If your power wheelchair is more than seven years old, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one. For some older models, many parts may not be available. Power wheelchairs that are regularly serviced and maintained can last up to seven years or more.

Power wheelchairs require routine service and maintenance to run safely and in peak condition. 

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