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With your purchase of EWheels Medical EW-M45, you will receive everything you need to use the device: 

Joystick, Battery, Wall Charger, Seat Belt, Seat Cushion, Tools, Connection Cables, and User Manual.

No. We are sorry for the inconvenience but at this time we do not accept personal checks, money order or cashiers check for payments. Please submit all orders online. We use secure servers with Shopify processing for easy and safe online ordering. 

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Yes. EWheels Medical EW-M45 is an FDA cleared mobility device. 

All EWheels Medical products have undergone thorough product testing to ensure safety, durability and performance. Our power chairs, and scooters are Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved medical products that require specific testing prior to release for public use.

No. Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Depending on your coverage and provider. You may be able to submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance company. 

We can not help in submitting any paper work to your insurance company. Please contact you contact your insurance company first and ask if your plan covers out of pocket expenses.

1. Before sitting, make sure the electric wheelchair is OFF, this will ensure the electric wheelchair will not move upon touching the joystick.
2. Make sure the footrest is down.
3. Once on board, make sure your feet are safely on the footrest. 

1. Make sure to bring your wheelchair to a complete stop.
2. Turn off the wheelchair to avoid accidentally opening the joystick and moving the wheelchair.
3. Raise the armrest so that you can conveniently exit the wheelchair. 
4. Carefully and safely get out of the seat. 

1. Make sure your new wheelchair is operating smoothly.
2. Check for any unusual noises, vibration, or a change in the ease of use; if you detect a problem, use the tool kit to perform maintenance or get in touch with your service professional.
3. Failing to maintain your EW-M45 wheelchair could increase the risk for injury.

1. Never sit in the wheelchair while in a moving vehicle; an accident or sudden stop may cause you to be thrown from the electric wheelchair.
2. Never transport the wheelchair in the front of seat of a vehicle where it may shift and interfere with the driver.
3. Always secure the wheelchair so that it cannot roll or shift when being transported in a vehicle.
4. The wheelchair is NOT approved to be used with any tie down system, which is generally used to transport a seated user in a powered wheelchair in a motor vehicle. 

Yes!  Joystick can be mounted on the left or the right side of the arm rests for your convenience. 

Yes!. The arm rests raise up to help enter the wheelchair through the side area as well as for exiting.

No. EWheels EW-M45 is not waterproof and has not beed tested under laboratory conditions. 

Water may cause the electrical components to corrode and the frame of your electric wheelchair to rust.Your power chair is equipped with electronics, exposure to water may cause a power wheelchair to malfunction electronically and mechanically.

No, we do not recommend using EW-M45 in the snow. 

1. Use batteries that have been offered by supplier only; our batteries are special lithium batteries designed specifically for the use EW-M45.

2. Read all battery instructions before attempting to change or charge batteries.

3. When you dont drive the your wheelchair for long time, please charge the battery every month.

It is important to perform regular maintenance of your EW-M45 for longevity and warranty eligibility. Even a little cleaning now and again will go a long way to keep your device looking and functioning like new. Please use WSR as our authorized repair vendor. They offer trained professionals who specialize in EWheels Medical models and will be qualified to perform the service and maintenance 

We recommend you inspect your power chair two or three times per year for:

  • Frame: Tighten loose screws as necessary using the tool kit included with your Folding Electric Wheelchair.(
  • Wheels: Make sure they rotate easily. Significant resistance may require new bearings.
  • Armrest: Look for excessive wear or if they are loose.Replacement parts and more major maintenance issues should be done by a professional.

Free! We offer free shipping via FedEx for all of our customers in the United States. You will be provided with your order status updates and a FedEx tracking number.

It can take anywhere between 5-7 business days for your order to arrive once it is shipped. Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days.

The total weight of the box and packaging is 82 lbs.

We offer a 30 Day return policy and money back guarantee.

  • 3 Years - Frame components: including platform, seat post, and frame
  • 1 Year - Electronic components
  • 6 Months - Batteries

Any parts that are under the warranty will be replaced and shipped to your door by FedEx or USPS Priority Mail. 

Yes. EWheels Medical EW-M45 uses two non-spillable lithium ion batteries that are safe for airplanes and TSA approved. You may bring your EW-M45 with you when you travel, domestically or abroad. Learn more.

Yes!  Ordering on our website is safe and that is 100% guaranteed.  

We use the industry standards with 256 Bit Secure Socket Layer checkout system. Our back end is powered by Shopify for trusted and secure eCommerce platform with credit card processing capabilities. also used Norton Guaranteed Shopping which provides up to $10,000 worth of specialist help & services in the event of identity theft for up to 30 days after your purchase.

No. We never share your personal information with any third party vendors.

To order authentic EWheels Medical parts for your EW-M45, please call 888-518-3588.

For service and repairs of your EWheels EW-M45 power wheelchair, please use our authorized repair company Wheelchair and Scooter Repair (WSR) at 1-888-584-3095. 

They have local service and repair technicians in all 50 states who are ready to fix your EW-M45 in the comfort of your home.

EWheels EW-M45 is equipped with a joystick style controller. Detail functions as shown:

1.Take some time in a safe, controlled environment to learn the operation of controller, the speed and the maneuverability of wheelchair.

2.When turning, reduce your speed, which will help you avoid any potential tilting or tipping of wheelchair.

3.Be sure to adjust the speed depending on your environment.

4.To slow down, slowly bring the joystick back toward the initial position.

5.To stop, just bring the joystick back to the initial position.

6.Use extra care when you drive the Folding ElectricWheelchair in reverse. You may lose control or fall if one of rear wheels hits an object. 

When operating in reverse:

A.Operate the wheelchair slowly and at an even speed.

B.Stop often and check to make sure your path is clear of obstacles.


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